“Cash Cow Fundraising is the best and EASIEST fundraiser I have ever done! I will use them forever! The product is really good and sells easily.  Jackie (the owner) is so accommodating and really goes out of her way to make things easy. Doing fundraisers used to be my least favorite part of the entire school year, but Cash Cow makes it so easy! On pick-up day, they set everything up during the day, AND stay to hand out the products. Everything is so organized and convenient – anyone not using Cash Cow doesn’t know how easy fundraisers can be!”

Kimberley Ahrens
Choral Director
Robinson Middle School

“I have used Cash Cow for 10 consecutive years. Each year, our sales have exceeded our expectations. The quality of the cookie dough offered by Cash Cow is exceptional! We have many repeat customers from year to year, and they buy more each time. Our whole experience with Cash Cow is wonderful every step of the way. From the kick-off, motivating the kids with great incentives, to delivery day when the Cash Cow team will come out and sort the product for us, allowing me to be a choir director instead of a fundraising coordinator. The overall quality of product and easy of the sale, makes it a WONDERFUL fundraising experience.”

Ty Shaw
Former Choral Director
Duncanville High School

“Cash Cow is hands down the GREATEST fundraising company in Texas for music educators. High energetic sales team, most of whom are past educators, promoting amazing products that yield incredible profits. Can’t imagine my school year without Cash Cow!”

Taylor Williamson
Band Director
Wiley Middle School

“Thank you Cash Cow Fundraising for helping the Sloan Creek Intermediate and Willow Springs MS Music programs bring in Moooo-lah for our programs. The Cookie Dough is not to be compared when it comes to taste or calories. They were actually 10-20cal less than other brands. Delivery of the dough is amazing. Your staff is so organized and prompt. We barely had to lift a finger……just enjoyed our cookie dough!”

Christina Chapman
Choral Director
Apollo Junior High