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Fundraising Made Easy

Putting Student’s Safety First – Cash Cow Fundraising, LLC has set up Contact-Free Fundraisers.

Moo Money – Online Donations Campaign
Poppin Popcorn – Items Shipped Directly to the Customer’s Home
Our Online Store – Items Shipped Directly to the Customer’s Home

We also still have our traditional fundraising order taker brochures available. We take the headache out of your fundraiser. We provide you with the product lines that will make your fundraising event a success and the tools to make it one of the easiest fundraisers you’ve ever conducted.

To make things easier for you, Cash Cow Fundraising will provide:

  • FREE fundraising brochures and fact sheets for each student (sorted per teacher)
  • Teacher information sheet with each packet
  • FREE prize incentive programs
  • Next Day Prize program at no cost
  • Orders input (per student) into a spreadsheet for you
  • Flexible options to customize your campaign
  • Easy billing and payment
  • Personal consultation throughout the process

With Cash Cow you’ll have

  • No upfront costs
  • Great profits for your school or organization
  • Quality products proven to sell year after year

With so many benefits and so few hassles, why not call Cash Cow Fundraising TODAY!