Moo Money Donations

Moo Money – Online Donations Campaign

Why it Works:

  • 97% of texts are read within 3 minutes
  • Parents do not like giving away email addresses
  • Emails are often mistyped, deleted, or stuck in spam an never make it to the intended recipient.

How it Works:

  • Students will send out a personalized text message and phone call from their own phone to each of their potential supporters.
  • Donations are updated and projected on screen, IN REAL TIME, as they come in!
  • The entire process takes an hour. Your group receives their money within 48 hours after the program ends.

 How Much Will We Make?

  • 50 Students
  • 1,000 Potential Donors
  • $50 Average Donation
  • 20% Donate = 200 Donors
  • $10,000 Donated*
  • *Results will vary. The above is a typical scenario
  • 70% Profit

Additional Benefits:

There are no emails to collect, or constant bombarding of emails going out to your friends or family for weeks. This is a one-hour program, with personized text and a phone call and that is it!

The privacy of all supporters is protected. Phone numbers are only used by students for fundraising. The information WILL NOT be entered anywhere other than the student’s cell phone.

Click to download: Moo Money Brochure