Incentives to Make Your Campaign Fun & Profitable

Cash Cow Fundraising offers prize incentives tailored to fit your group and at no cost to you.

For individual organizations such as bands, choirs and orchestras within intermediate, middle or high school, we offer:

  • Money Machine “cash grab” for local groups in the DFW and surrounding areas
  • Next Day Prize of cash or gift card to motivate immediate sales the first night of the event
  • Daily prize drawings for intermediate and middle schools that offer opportunities to win Best Buy gift cards, Sonic gift cards, candy and more. Each class will have a prize awarded each day of the sale
  • For high school groups, we offer “Top Seller” incentives of gift cards to Best Buy

For school-wide sales in elementary, intermediate or middle schools we offer:

  • We make every effort to stay current with the most popular kid’s items and rotate our prizes regularly. The Money Machine ‘cash grab’ is offered as a prize incentive for local groups in the DFW and surrounding areas. For those outside the DFW area, we offer a “Pick-A-Wallet” prize where each wallet contains a range of dollar amounts.
  • Next day prizes to include a prize for the top seller in EACH class. This excites the students to have immediate sales the first night of the event.
  • ‘Top Seller’ prize program to include gift cards to Wal-Mart
  • Prize incentive for the teacher of the winning class!

Because we customize your prize program, we will work with your coordinators to help ensure the ideal prize program is offered to motivate your students.

All prize programs are approved by each school/organization and adhere to the rules of that ISD.